What is a Bible Challenge?

A Bible Challenge is daily Bible reading schedule that allows you to read chapters in the Bible with others. Each day a chapter of the Bible is sent to your email address. After reading the chapter you can click a link to confirm that you have read the chapter. You may choose to create/join a 'Group' within a Challenge and optionally participate in discussions with others in the Group.

Can I leave a Bible Challenge if I don't like it?

Yes. Just click on the unsubscribe link in any of the emails that you received from biblechallenges.com. Clicking the unsubscribe link will remove you from the Bible Challenge and you will no longer receive any emails.

I chose one Bible version, but I'm seeing a different one in my chapter reading(s).

The BibleChallenges.com app accesses versions of the Bible that are: 1) available online for use in the 'public domain', or, 2) quoted, exercised within 'fair use' principles according to publisher requirements. The Old Testament Bible versions that we currently access are limited to: the American Standard (ASV)-, the King James (KJV)-, and the Recovery (RCV)- versions of the Bible. If your current challenge reading is in the Old Testament, you will receive readings/view chapters in our 'default version', which we have set up as the RCV. If you wish to read a different version in the Old Testament (ASV, KJV), please update your preferences. (Our goal is to add more Bible versions in the future).

How do I change my Bible version preference?

Navigate to the main challenge page by clicking “My Challenges” and then the name of your challenge. Under the "Readings" tab you will see your current Bible version under the heading “Today's Reading.” Click 'Change' to choose a new Bible version. You may make the same change by visiting your Profile page (click your avatar image at the top right of the page).

I missed today's reading email. How can I catch up?

The challenge page for your specific Bible reading challenge lists all of the Bible chapters in your challenge. Simply click on the box next to any Bible chapter to indicate that you have finished reading this chapter. If you get behind, you can read several chapters in a day and then check off all of these chapters at one time.

How can I change the time that my chapter is emailed to me?

Visit the “Update Profile” page by clicking your avatar image at the top right corner of the page, and then select your preferred reading hour in the drop down menu labeled “Your Preferred Reading Hour.” Once you have selected your new reading hour, click “Update Profile.”